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31. PreBuilt Workflows in RxMix. Finding Drugs that May Treat a Disease
Description: The tutorial features the library of pre-defined workflows in RxMix. These workflows are created by RxMix experts based on frequently occurring use cases. The tutorial shows how to return a list of RxNorm drugs that may treat a disease by utilizing a two-step workflow in which the first function queries NDF-RT component of RxNorm for a matching disease concept name, and the second function finds related reverse-role NDF-RT concepts, i.e., drugs related to the matched disease concept.
Format: MP4 Video / Video Tutorial
Subjects: Drugs and Chemicals, RxMix, RxNorm, Terminology
Archived: No
Date Last Revised: 10-Jan-2017

32. Searching and Navigating Through Drug Classes Using RxClass Application
Description: A video tutorial that describes major interface elements and functionalities of RxClass, a web application that allows users to explore drug classes and the drugs that are members of these classes. RxClass also links the drug classifications to drug information in RxNorm, the National Library of Medicine’s standardized drug terminology. The application also provides a browser interface for navigating the hierarchies of drug classes, as well as a search mechanism for locating specific drug classes or drugs.
Format: Flash Video / Video Tutorial
Subjects: Drugs and Chemicals, RxClass, RxNorm, Terminology
Archived: No
Date Last Revised: 10-Jan-2017

33. Updating Value Sets
Description: A video that shows how to perform updates to published value sets.
Format: MP4 Video / Video Tutorial
Subjects: Terminology, Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), VSAC
Archived: No
Date Last Revised: 10-Jan-2017

34. PubMed for Clinicians
Description: Health care professionals: Learn how to search for the most relevant and recent literature; explore specific clinical research areas; use filters to narrow your search; connect to full-text resources; and set up e-mail alerts for new research on your topic. The webinar includes an informative question and answer period. Supporting materials and answers to questions are available from the NCBI ftp site.
Format: Flash Video / YouTube Video
Subjects: Clinical Medicine, PubMed
Archived: No
Date Last Revised: 29-Nov-2016