Making calls to the NLM Learning Resources API is simple. The API returns JSON and is easily parsed with a few lines of jQuery your web pages.

The Base URI is

Sample URIs

Sample URI Use case
/rest/learning-resources/all/ Retrieves all Learning Resources.
/rest/subjects/all/ Retrieves all Subjects used to categorize learning resources.
/rest/formats/all/ Retrieves all Formats of learning resources.
/rest/authoring-organizations/all/ Retrieves all Authoring Organizations.
/rest/learning-resources/L00079080/ Retrieves one learning resource by identifier.
/rest/learning-resources/search/?query=Searching PubMed Searches the title, description, and subjects of learning resources for the string ‘Searching PubMed’.
/rest/learning-resources/search/?subjects=S019080,S020080 Retrieves learning resources by subject identifier(s).
/rest/learning-resources/search/?formats=F003014 Retrieves learning resources by format
/rest/learning-resources/search/?authoringorganization=9 Retrieves learning resources by Authoring Organizations

Query Parameters

Parameter Name Description Valid Value(s) Use Case Example
query A human-readable term used for searching learning resources, such as "Drugs", or "PubMed Central" Any search term Returns learning resources based on matches in the title, description, and subject fields. /rest/learning-resources/search/?query=medlineplus
subjects An identifier starting with the letter 'S' that is associated with a subject area Any valid subject identifier (see /rest/subjects/all/ ). Separate subject identifiers with a comma Retrieves learning resources that have been tagged with one or more subjects. /rest/learning-resources/search/?subjects=S019080,S020080
formats An identifier starting with the letter 'F' that is associated with a format Any valid format identifier (see /rest/formats/all/ for list). Retrieves learning resources in a given format. /rest/learning-resources/search/?formats=F003014