The Learning Resources Database collects educational materials created by the National Library of Medicine. These materials include videos, tutorials, webinars, and other resources that provide user education on the vast array of National Library of Medicine products and services, including PubMed, PubMed Central, MEDLINE, and more.

A Note about Software Requirements

The resources maintained in the Learning Resources Database may require the use of specific software. This software may include Adobe Connect, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, and/or Microsoft Silverlight. For assistance with this software, please refer to the manufacturer.

Basic Searching

Searching the Learning Resources Database is designed around keyword searching and result refining limiters. From the default search page, searching the database simply requires entering a keyword and clicking search. Results will load to the right of the search bar. Note that when conducting a keyword search, if the searched term appears in any searchable field (which include Title, Description, or Subjects), that item will display in the results. Search terms are searched together using the Boolean operator OR.

Advanced Searching

Advanced searching in the Learning Resources Database refers to making use of the available filters found under the search bar. These filters include Subjects and Products, Date Last Revised, and Archived Materials.

Subjects and Products

Subjects and Products refers to the major topic of a given learning resource. For example, a Quick Tour video on the use of PubMed Commons is tagged with the Subject “PubMed”. Multiple subject tags can be applied to a single learning resource. To apply one or more Subjects and Products filters to a search, simply the box of the area(s) you wish to be included in your search results.

Date Last Revised

Date Last Revised refers to the last time the learning resource was updated and can be useful in ensuring the most recent, relevant resources are found. To specify a limited date range, either click inside the “From” or “To” text box and navigate to a specific date using the drop-down calendar or type out a specific date. Note that if typing in a date, it must be written in Month/Day/Year format (03/15/2016).

Archived Materials

Archived Materials refers to resources in the database that are either prior versions of more current resources or are considered no longer relevant to most users. By default, resources tagged as Archived do not display in search results. To include these resources, simply check the “Include Archived Materials” option.


Clicking the Reset button will clear all current filters, as well as the current search and results, returning the search page to its default state.

Retrieve All Resources

Searching an asterisk (*) in the search box will return all available learning resources.