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31. PubMed for Clinicians
Description: Health care professionals: Learn how to search for the most relevant and recent literature; explore specific clinical research areas; use filters to narrow your search; connect to full-text resources; and set up e-mail alerts for new research on your topic. The webinar includes an informative question and answer period. Supporting materials and answers to questions are available from the NCBI <a href='http://bit.ly/2dZx5bs'>ftp site</a>.
Format: Flash Video / YouTube Video
Subjects: Clinical Medicine, PubMed
Archived: No
Date Last Revised: 29-Nov-2016

32. Share a PubMed Search Strategy via URL
Description: Share a PubMed searching strategy using a URL.
Format: MP4 Video / Quick Tour
Subjects: PubMed
Archived: No
Date Last Revised: 04-Nov-2016